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BZfAR - Bonner Zentrum für Ambulante Rehabilitation (Bonn Center for Outpatient Rehabilitation)


Another part of my physiotherapy career is serving as the supervising physiotherapist and managing director of my outpatient rehabilitation clinic in Bonn – the Bonner Zentrum für Ambulante Rehabilitation GmbH. Here, you can find everything you need to stay healthy or get back to a fit and healthy state.

I work with a 60-person, multidisciplinary team of physiotherapists, sports scientists, doctors, psychologists, osteopaths, and many other professional disciplines.

Health, pension, and accident insurance companies trust us to treat their policy holders. We provide an incredible breadth of therapeutic expertise and modern therapeutic equipment in a facility around 2,500 square meters in size. However, the most important service we provide is helping you complete a rehabilitation program tailored to your needs and your medical conditions.

I would be happy to invite you for a friendly consultation meeting free of charge to create your own plan. My personal passion is achieving optimal well-being for my patients.

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